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How to increase partnerships efficiency

Partner contracts in companies can be in the hundreds. In this case, the question of compliance with treaty obligations becomes particularly relevant. The obvious solution is to implement a system that can be used to monitor the partner network and provide partner companies with recommendations on how to improve their joint activities. All of this can be done with MD Audit.

Monitoring that benefits everyone

One of the simplest and most convenient tools for monitoring any activity is checklists. Using them even in the classic tabular representation, you can get a lot of important information about any business process of the company. If you use MD Audit, the efficiency of their use increases many times, as we mentioned before.

If we apply our system to monitoring partnerships, we can achieve a result that benefits everyone. For example, Burger King has applied MD Audit to monitor the work of contractors - cleaning companies. As a result, the chain of restaurants received better quality work from partners and cleaning companies have identified points of growth in the organization of its activities.

Another positive example is the experience of MODIS, where monitoring of private security companies was organized. MD Audit system helped to improve the efficiency of the security service and it helped private security companies to re-evaluate the staff.

But for the proper organization of work with partners it is important to consider one thing in the implementation.

Implement the system correctly

For any complex system to start working, you need to run it correctly. For MD Audit, we have compiled 6 steps that you can follow to successfully deploy the system in your company. The same can be done if your goal is to monitor your interactions with partner companies.

  1. Build the structure of the partner network.
  2. Identify monitoring areas.
  3. Make checklists.
  4. Run the system in test mode.
  5. Improve the defects identified in testing.
  6. Run the system in working mode.

However, this logical model has one nuance that can derail all the work done.

In order to explain why the implementation of the control system in the partner network can be complicated, let us give an example from our experience.

The company addressed us with a similar task: organize monitoring of the wide partner network. During the test period, all the steps we recommended to implement MD Audit were completed and the company started to get the first positive results. Everything seemed to be successful, but when it was time to launch the project in working mode, there was an unforeseen difficulty.

Partner companies did not understand the meaning of the innovations and refused to use MD Audit in their work. And they had every right to do so, because there was no mention of it in the partnership agreements. The result is deplorable: time and internal resources were spent, but no result. You cannot just take and put the partner company in front of the fact that now you will monitor the implementation of partnership obligations.

Discuss all the nuances in advance

The first thing to do in this situation was to agree with the partners before the start of the test period. In this case, even if they categorically rejected this innovation, the company would save time and internal resources spent on testing the MD Audit system.

However, in order to implement any innovations, they must be presented correctly. We wrote about it in the article "One word changes everything". If the company had initially explained to its partners that the implementation of the system would be of mutual benefit to everyone, their reaction would have been different.

The main thing is to draw the partners attention to the fact that the new format of interaction is mutually beneficial. Thanks to regular monitoring, you can:

  • find bottlenecks in the partnership process and correct them, thereby making them more beneficial to both parties;

  • in case of detection of growth points in the partner companies, to give them recommendations on increase of efficiency.

Monitor your partnerships with MD Audit correctly and get mutual benefits. And if you need any assistance in implementing the system, we'll be happy to help.

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