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New features of MD Audit: Surveys

One of the key features of MD Audit is its continuous development. We analyze market needs and listen to our customers to bring new functionality to the system. MD Audit will soon be able to create surveys. This function is currently in test mode.

Why would you need this?

We have already written that MD Audit carries an educational function. The checklists reflect the company's standards, and in order to assess whether they are being complied with, the auditor must know and understand them well. In this way, the system encourages auditors to regularly update their knowledge of the standards. Similarly, the study of MD Audit standards is pushed to store directors, because it determines the evaluation of their work and, quite possibly, the financial reward.

However, in this case, the system is only a stimulating factor. With the advent of the polling feature, MD Audit will also become a knowledge test tool.

Surveys can also be used to collect statistical data about stores, employees or any other information.


How it's implemented

Surveys are a new type of task. Essentially, it is the most common survey or questionnaire in which you can ask a question and specify several answer choices. You can set additional conditions for who will answer: 

  • ability to select only one or more answer choices;

  • special field for entering the number / date / date and time;

  • download interface;

  • free answer field.

Each question also has its own parameters: 

  • mandatory / non-mandatory question;

  • ability to make a comment to the answer (mandatory or not);

  • an opportunity to give your answer different from any of the options offered;

  • ability to add a clue to the question.

In addition, you can set the conditions under which the question will be displayed in the system. For example, you want to know the status of air conditioners in the entire retail network, but you know that they are not installed in all stores. In this case, you can ask two questions: 

  1. Is there an air conditioner in the store? Yes / No.

  2. Is the air conditioning working? Yes / No. 

But for the second question to establish a condition that it will be seen only by those users who answered yes to the first question. 

Once a survey has been assigned, the author can view its results on the system or download them as an .xls file.


Survey templates can be created by the system administrator or by users who will be provided with this feature by the administrator. These users will see a new item in the left menu of the system – Survey Settings. You can create categories and survey templates similar to checklists.

By default, each category created is available to all users, i.e. they can create a survey of this category and assign it to the user. If necessary, you can limit the availability of some categories. For example, you have created a category of surveys to verify that users have mastered safety knowledge. It is logical that such surveys will be created only by security staff. Then you just mark all the other business areas except for the necessary ones in the restrictions window.

Подписаться на новости:

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