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Audit, monitoring, business process and personnel management

MD Audit — Technology for Business
Keep under control

Control the fact and quality of compliance with corporate standards and the performance of all participants in the audit chain.

Evaluate effectiveness

Receive and analyze relevant data business processes, work efficiency of management and sales staff.

Switch to digital technology

Get rid of paperwork, time-consuming analysis, generate and receive reports online from anywhere in the world.

MD Audit
All-levels management
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See comprehensive business process analytics, assess relevance, efficiency and the need for improvement

Influences key KPIs by improving the quality of standards and processes

Controls the quality of work of territorial and regional managers and contractors' services


Receives photo reports with the ability to filter by different parameters 

Works with comments and photo claims

Tracks the status of photo tasks performed by stores and monitors their performance


Controls implementation, compliance with corporate standards and procedures in the reporting stores

Manages communications between audit participants

Analyzes the executive discipline of store managers by tasks, formulates and delegates new goals


Conducts store self-audits, identifies growth areas, eliminates errors in operation 

Compares ratings, compares own performance with other stores in the region

Always has information on current tasks from different auditors, deadlines, task details

Industry solutions Use MD Audit at all company levels
Store Regional managers Headquarters

Find non-obvious growth areas, prevent risks and possible negative consequences before auditors. Always keep an up-to-date task-list at hand, influence the store KPI, win customer loyalty and increase professional competence in the eyes of management. 

  • All tasks in one application
  • Up-to-date corporate standards information
  • Motivation for development and improvement
  • Transparent communication within the system 

Track the fact and quality of implementation of company standards in regional divisions. Evaluate the performance and competence of store managers. 

  • Online store situation awareness
  • Timely management decisions
  • Organization of communications between stores and headquarters
  • All controls in the mobile application

Unify your business processes and company standards and scale them. Evaluate the relevance, effectiveness of policies and procedures, upgrade and form the improvement strategy. 

  • Regular monitoring of business process efficiency
  • Work quality evaluation of the regional managers
  • Monitoring the level of compliance throughout the network
  • Building effective partnerships with contractors

Reviews What our customers are saying
Olga Moskaleva
Olga Moskaleva RozTech

Implementation of the MD Audit system within the Wild Orchid, Bustier and Defile retail chains has made it possible to better control the adherence to operational business processes in brand offices. Analysis of the data obtained from the results of the checks carried out and the application of corrective action contributed to improving the quality of performance against corporate standards in each of the three networks. IT solution integration took less than a month. The project team completed its part of the work promptly and professionally, and throughout the entire period of using the system, MD Audit specialists were in touch, helping as needed.

Petr Dyatlov
Petr Dyatlov Eldorado

The implementation of digital checklists helped to achieve the following tasks:

  • Standardization of processes in the company's stores;
  • Obtaining a full evaluation of stores from all departments;
  • Creating an effective tool to monitor the implementation of tasks;
  • Growing revenue and margin.

Dmitry Sviridov
Dmitry Sviridov Modis

MD Audit is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and carry out “work on errors” using previous data . With the help of markers formed in MD in terms of the quality of task implementation, current on-line statuses can be seen by focal points, which allows them to be managed quickly and influences the quality of execution.

Ivan Novikov
Ivan Novikov Alfa Bank

Now we have a tool with which we have implemented uniform standards for inspections and on a regular basis we monitor the quality of customer service, compliance with corporate standards and the requirements of the regulator. Thus, the use of MD Audit helps us to minimize the occurrence of operational risks and to create a comfortable environment for servicing the bank's customers.

Alexander Shubin
Alexander Shubin PBC Management

The use of mobile solutions, such as MD Audit, allows you to get instant feedback, close the management cycle, and transform checklists from being a lagging, compliance control into a value-add management tool.

Advantages What makes our system unique 

Payroll savings


Point of sale revenue growth


Increasing the number of loyal customers

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