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Application of MD Audit system at the production plant

You can't keep track of all the amendments to the law and you won't be nice to all the inspectors, but you can still pay less for fines. Well-configured internal analytics will help to reduce costs. It captures all faults, maximizes protection against new ones and allows you to eliminate minor defects before they become big problems. You will get this result by using the MD Audit mobile platform.

Usuallythe State inspectors come into production and begin to specify requirements, which the responsible employees did not know or forgot about. No less common situation is when: an old acquaintance is replaced by a new, more active one. And here they are, the fines.

And it can be even more frustrating if there was a small problem, for example, because of the leaked fuel oil, and everyone knew about it, were going to fix it, however, every day there were other tasks... But here comes the commission, and it turns out that the company does not pass the environmental control. What's the problem with fixing a leak before? Someone just missed it.


If the list of "control points" is optimized for a particular production, the omissions will not be repeated and the need to correct them will not be lost in a wide range of pressing cases for the company.

MD Audit mobile platform allows you to:

  • conduct internal audits systematically: covering all processes that need to be monitored, and observing the accepted standards of assessment;

  • send reports in real time, they are filled from mobile devices, while “in the fields”;

  • automate analytics, instantly sending warnings about any safety problems or organization of the production process;

  • promptly perform corrective actions based on the collected data.

MD Audit system is universal — it allows you to evaluate workflow and employee performance, check equipment settings, etc. It is enough to do the following to see the strengths and weaknesses of the organization of the enterprise:

  • create checklists that meet your business needs,

  • run them with your team to standardize your audit processes, 

  • set up intelligent logic in your audit checklist.

The preparatory process will take no more than a couple of days. Another day will be spent on training the system's inspectors, after which a mobile audit can be conducted.

How it looks in practice

Staff inspector receives a mobile device — a smartphone or tablet, on which the MD Audit platform is installed. From then on, during regular rounds, he photographs and briefly describes any detected irregularities, and this information is immediately entered into the system, receiving the status of an open task.

It is visible to the responsible employee until he closes it. This is given a certain period of time, and if the situation is not resolved within a given period, the task is automatically delegated to the manager. Since this may have certain consequences for the subordinate, and maybe even loss of the bonus, situations requiring action are resolved in a matter of days: raw materials are no longer stored in the wrong place, the roof does not leak, etc. The same applies to the repair and maintenance of equipment — everything happens in a timely manner, daily start-up of production — everything is done according to regulations, etc. 

Using the MD Audit mobile platform, on the one hand, simplifies control over the processes in the enterprise and allows them to be easily improved, on the other hand, it helps to quickly find those responsible for a particular defect. Now you will know exactly, for example, how the night shift worked.

MD Audit system allows you to get all the necessary data to improve internal business processes. This tool really works! Order free trial and see for yourself.

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