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Checklist types for Fashion Retail

We talk about self-testing tools in Modis, the federal chain of clothing and footwear stores. The table was prepared with participation of Irina Ivanova, ex-head of retail business technologies management. She introduced the practice of using electronic checklists MD Audit in the work of corporate services.






Checklists for retail


Detailed requirements for business processes and company standards

Store directors, regional retail managers

Calendar scheduled evaluation. Once a month, each reporting store

~ 3.5–4 h

Light sheet

Extracts from a detailed checklist. Attention is focused on the most focal points.

Regional retail managers

Unscheduled evaluation. Carried out in free time between visits to planned facilities.

~1 h.

Happy customer

Assessment of the facility by a company employee with view of the buyer. Assessed attractiveness of the retail facility: visual image, atmosphere, service, sufficiency and accessibility of information about promotions

Any central office employee, regional retail managers.

No time limit, anytime any day.

~20 min.

Checklist for the merchandising group

Merchandiser checklist

Verification of compliance with merchandising standards

Regional merchandisers

Once a month, each reporting store

2.5–3 h.

Checklist of the inventory accounting group

Inventory accounting checklist

Verification of compliance with product distribution standards

Inventory accounting group

Once a quarter, each facility

4–5 h.

Security checklist

Security checklist

Evaluation of compliance with store security standards

Security specialist

Once a quarter, each store

~2–2.5 h.

Operation service checklist

Operation checklist

Evaluation of the store after construction for technical requirements of the object of delivery.

Operating service specialist

Upon delivery of the object by the contractor

~1 h.

Checklist for private security staff control

Private security company checklist

Checklist for performance quality of the job duties by private security company employees.  

Store manager


~20 min.


Irina Ivanova chose MD Audit for several reasons:

  • cloud platform allows you to create troubleshooting tasks as the protocol becomes full;

  • finished reports are automatically uploaded to the database, and those who have access to the data can immediately begin to analyze the results of internal audit on the required parameters;

  • IT solution provides a closed management cycle: check — recording the violation — task to eliminate the violation (assigned to a specific performer) — report on elimination of the violation. If the person in charge does not respond to the comment, the task is automatically redirected to the supervisor;

  • the system allows to generate reports on the selected filters and track changes in dynamics;

  • the product cost does not depend on the number of checklists. The company paid a fixed subscription fee.

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