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Christmas Eve checklist

Holidays are a hustle and bustle for the retailer and business owner, but your task is to make sure that the customer does not feel it. In addition to such obvious things as the display of Christmas goods in the hall, there are many other things that affect the perception of visitors to your store and the network as a whole. We have collected the best questions from the checklists, with the help of which the concept "Holiday atmosphere" can be broken down into very clear tasks, but their implementation leads to the same loyalty to the brand, which we all strive for.

So, the Christmas Eve atmosphere is:

  • Blocking any negative impact. Sincere Christmas atmosphere should help to “disconnect” from anxious thoughts, grievances, etc. Your job is not to provoke a new negative impact in your stores. The cashiers and staff should be polite and the shopping process should give rise only to positive emotions and anticipation of the holiday.

  • Serenity and harmony. Hustle and bustle must remain outside the outlet. Inside must be only comfort and peace. The buyer should not rush and see your employees in a hurry. Calm music and pleasant smells — that's what should accompany the Christmas shopping.

  • The value of every moment. Time is running out, let your customers feel it and enjoy the moment! 

  • A little miracle. Charity programs, children's playgrounds for parents with children, letters to Santa Claus and fulfillment of wishes by the retail network — all this gives a little magic. Give all customers a tangerine at the checkout and you will see how many smiles will be!

  • And of course, love for the client. Before Christmas no one wants to be upset. Let your customers feel your concern when all the cash desks are open, and the corridors are free to pass even with the largest cart.


Point of control



Exterior decoration of the outlet

Adjacent area

Decorative animals/squirrels/sleigh with deers of garlands

Metal frame figurines covered with electric garlands

Front door

Christmas wreath on the door

Made of natural materials, at eye level. You can place tinsel above the entrance


Christmas lights

Their glow color complements the traditional lighting


Tinsel wrapping

Tinsel is soft, wrapping is dense, at a distance of 1–2 hands — in case someone does not want to hold on to it

Internal design of the outlet


Use of coniferous and mandarin flavors

Background music

Christmas music is quiet, calm, not annoying


Laying out the best product in a prominent place

Laying out elegant packaging for the goods

Grouping of Christmas decorations separately from Christmas gifts

All the garlands on the racks are connected and working

Passages are not blocked, seasonal Christmas goods are displayed in a visible place at the ends of the sections, but do not interfere with the passage

All passages have sufficient clearance for customers with large carts

Created Christmas composition of decorations

Installed additional lighting of decorations

Created a mirror corridor

Mirrors are installed opposite the glass at a slight angle on both sides and in the center. Christmas decorations are laid out in front of them. This visually enhances space and creates a festive atmosphere

Interior composition in eco style

Furniture and accessories made of natural wood/wicker with the addition of cotton/etc.

Abundance of textiles in decoration

Preferably natural, tactilely pleasant textures of blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillowcases and furniture upholstery

Mannequins dressed up in Christmas closes

Caps on the heads, shiny silver fabric on the neck, etc.

Christmas tree

Its size should not absorb the interior. Christmas tree should stand steadily, accessories should be both elegant and safe. Rope, wood and paper decorations are considered the “gold” standard

Christmas accessories are hung

Angel figurines, holly twigs, electric candles, etc.

Christmas navigation corresponds to sections

Design of the usual tables in the Christmas style

Design of the cash zones in the Christmas style

Simultaneous operation of all cash desks

All staff of cashiers is involved

The mode of operation of the store during the holidays is posted at the box office in a visible place

Sellers' clothes, cashiers' clothes

Uniform made of natural materials in muted colors or in Christmas colors

Christmas accent in uniform

Accessories: scarves, brooches, Christmas hats

Christmas mood in the team

Christmas cups

New tableware for tea and coffee with Christmas style

Utility rooms decoration

In this Christmas Eve checklist we've covered a lot of control points, but you don't need to use everything! Choose which ones meet your corporate standards and check whether your company's representative offices are ready to present visitors with Christmas magic!

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