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System update: Event Feed

One of the advantages of MD Audit over traditional ways of conducting operational audits is its speed of operation. Simply perform an audit and all the results are instantly uploaded to the cloud storage and become available for analysis. However, to get this information you have to go to the analytical module and select the necessary parameters. It takes time. 

Now you can get the most important information on individual stores quickly and conveniently. That's why we created the Event Feed!

Where is it

The Feed is not always displayed on the screen and can be accessed by clicking the button at the top right of the screen next to the user menu. Pressing again will hide the Feed. 

Вызов ленты_eng.png

Fig. Opening Event Feed

Event Feed is located vertically on the right side of the screen. 

лента на общем экране_eng.png

Fig. 2. Event Feed on the common screen

What is it and why is it necessary?

Events Feed is not just an integrator of all events happening in the system, but a tool for express control of individual stores in the retail network. It displays the percentage of executive discipline by tasks, the total number of tasks performed and audits for the selected store. The Feed is updated in real time, so you can see the task just set by your manager or the notification of the completed audit.

лента событий_eng.png

Fig. 3. Event Feed

With the Event Feed you can quickly assess the situation in each store in the network without opening the analysis panel. 

Currently, the Feed is available only in the web-version of the system, but soon it will appear in the mobile application. 

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