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How does the MD Audit deployment process begin?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, we have orders from the companies where the audit process exists, but it is carried out manually. It is in the interest of the client to automate it, and the company representative already knows roughly what evaluation criteria are important.

Project stages

  • Completion of the reference books for outlets and organizational structure of the network. Some companies may have several organizational hierarchies, but this is not a problem — they can still be synchronized.

  • Assign responsible users for each retailer's region, division, and outlet.

  • Creation of a library of questions and formation of checklists. The library is structured into categories, each of which contains a collection of topic issues. It is enough for the client to choose information blocks and include them in his electronic form completely or selectively. The number of questions in the checklists, as well as the number of created checklists, does not affect the cost of the system.

Comments elimination monitoring

In many outlets, the results of the checks are still recorded in logs or in letters. In both cases, the response to the comments may be late, and it is impossible to control the correction of violations in each particular branch.

Based on the test protocol, the MD Audit system generates the tasks and sets the time to eliminate the detected remarks automatically. In the event of a delay, the program not only reminds the supervisor of the need to carry out the work, but also passes the information on the violation to the senior manager.

Inspection location and quality control

The human factor should not be diminished in course of the audit. As practice has shown, from 30% to 40% of the audits, which do not require confirmation of geolocation, turned out to be meaningless, as they were not carried out directly at the outlet.

That's why MD Audit does not allow you to work with checklists outside of the object that needs to be audited. 

Our recommendations

Monitoring of the implementation of corporate standards and quality of service should be continuous, as situations requiring an unplanned management decision may occur at any time. No one is insured against their occurrence and recurrence, but if you remove the potentially “weak points”, you can take effective measures in a timely manner. And this is possible only with regular, deep check of the outlet's operation.

It is necessary to assess the functioning of branches according to a single model suitable for all structural subdivisions. This enables objective information to be obtained for all territorial units and simplifies analytics.

You can evaluate the audit results from multiple devices at the same time. The use of the application does not require special knowledge and skills, so there is no need to assign an individual staff member to it.

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