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How to motivate contractors or the secret of pure clean kitchens in Burger King

Burger King is the world's second-largest fast-food restaurant chain by number of customers. According to public sources, its branches serve around 16 million visitors daily, selling about 3 billion hamburgers and fries. Sequenced-flow cooking requires the ideal workflow organization that includes professional care of the kitchen equipment. The use of MD Audit system helps the Russian representative offices to achieve the desired result. 

Currently, there are over 600 branches of the brand in Russia. In order to feed all comers, local offices of the network work daily without interruption. Cleaning is carried out at night, when customers and employees of the fast food restaurants rest. Cleaning is carried out by professionals — representatives of special services, and in the morning the result is evaluated by the heads of the branches. Monitoring is carried out as part of the daily morning inspection of the restaurant before opening, for this purpose the local management of all Russian representative offices of the Burger King network uses the MD Audit system of electronic checklists. It offers scoring of answers to questions with automatic rating calculation, possibility to create photos, comments, tasks to correct violations, etc. Protocols of checks are stored in the database for an unlimited period of time. 

Before starting the work of restaurants, managers open the system on mobile devices and assess the status of controlled branches online according to the items listed in the checklist — all control items critical for the safety of the customer food and business organization as a whole. 

Questions about the quality of cleaning, maintenance of complex technological equipment, etc., are tied to the contract with a contractor. They provide an unambiguous answer, shall provide a photo and, if necessary, a brief textual description, so there are no controversial issues in the subsequent analysis of the audit results by the contractor. 

If it turns out that some obligations are not fulfilled by the performer, he compensates for the misunderstanding and takes steps to ensure that the situation is not repeated in the future. 

We are satisfied with the result, as during the pilot implementation we were able to identify opportunities to improve the process of interaction with cleaning companies and training of personnel involved in the process of daily maintenance of complex technological equipment,” said Yan Lyubimov, Burger King national project manager.

The Russian representative offices of the brand have been using the MD Audit system since September 2018. In the near future, the company plans to set up the analytical processes tree to conduct more in-depth checks of the network branches.

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