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How we chose MD Audit

Foreword by MD Audit:

We are always pleased to receive positive feedback from clients. But it's especially great when a review turns into a whole story. This is an unusual post on our blog, the first in this format. This is the story on behalf of one of our customers, ELIS FASHION RUS, about how the company needed to automate the control of operating processes and how the problem of selecting a system to solve this problem was solved.

Sometimes we receive questions on how we assess and control our operations at ELIS FASHION RUS. We answer promptly that we use MD Audit and are surprised that not all of our colleagues listen to this advice, but start their long study and comparison with competitors. We forgot what we were, so it's time to refresh our memories of the story. We hope somebody can use our experience.

It all started with a lack of time

Every retailer, sooner or later, understands the importance of operational control. At ELIS FASHION RUS, we have understood this long ago and closely monitored the performance of all the numerous retail business processes. If at first, such control did not give rise to much trouble, then as the company grew, it began to take too much time and effort.

The audit took weeks and months to analyze the results. No wonder because we had to bring together dozens of tables, the data in which could contain errors, and to find them was not easier than a needle in a haystack. However, the main problem was not that a few employees had to spend their time on routine activities, but that by the time they were ready, the audit results were already outdated.

Then it became clear that we needed to automate the process.

Problem of choice

When there are several similar offers on the market, this is great — there is something to choose from. But how difficult it is to make a choice when all offers are worthy. It is especially difficult when a decision is made in the long run.

We did the following: 

Step one: made a list of available solutions

It wasn't difficult, because there aren't many suitable systems for us — next to nothing.

Step two: studied the information

We did not limit ourselves to just studying the websites of the candidate companies but also tracked all their information activity: blog, social media, media publications. It seems to us that this is the only way to form a more or less objective opinion about the development team.

At this step, several favorites have been identified, including MD Audit. Points in favor of the latter added articles posted on the company's blog.

Step three: talking to company staff

This procedure narrowed down the list of potential candidates even further. MD Audit employees were remembered for their approach, punctuality, politeness and expertise. But doubts remained and they had to be resolved in the last stage.

Step four: test period

When choosing an IT solution, the first thing you always pay attention to its functionality, but the work of technical and methodological support services is no less critical. Therefore, at this stage, we evaluated not only the convenience of using the system and its technological capabilities but also the additional services provided by the companies.

In testing,we evaluated:

  • efficiency of the account manager's work, his ability to solve arising problems;

  • qualification level of technical and methodological support;

  • quality of technical documentation;

  • adaptive system capabilities to individual customer requirements.

In every way, MD Audit has become an absolute leader.

This is just the beginning

Today we use MD Audit for a little less than a year and are certainly satisfied with our choice. The system is functional and successfully solves all current tasks. And it's constantly evolving: new features are added and we receive regular notifications. We are also considering the possibility of expanding cooperation within the framework of the MD Audit consulting project on business process modification.

That's the whole story about how we chose the operational audit solution. If you are facing a similar task, you can safely use our selection algorithm. For some reason, it seems to us you will come to the same decision as we did.

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