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MD Audit at Russian Retail Week 2019

If we try to choose for RRW (Russian Retail Week) an analogue in importance of the well-known events, it is likely to be an Oscar. This year the forum celebrated its first small anniversary — it was held for the 5th time. And, following the growth trend set in previous years, the event gathered the largest number of participants — more than 7000 people, among whom was MD Audit team.

The first 3 days of the forum were full of meetings, sessions and discussions. Events were held throughout the day from 9 a.m. to the evening. The next two days were devoted to retail tours, where participants could visit the offices of major retailers and manufacturers. On the final day, the RRW 2019 Mini Football Cup was held.

Our participation in the RRW 2019 was marked by two events:

  1. General Director of MD Audit Andrey Podgornov took part in a special session “Professional sales management in modern retail”. In his presentation he talked about how compliance monitoring contributes to the profitability of companies. He also spoke about the possibility of using the system not only for process management, but also for personnel.

  2. MD Audit presented a personal stand where everyone could get acquainted with the system, learn more about its functionality, competitive advantages and application scenarios.

In our view, the RRW 2019 forum was successful: authoritative speakers, involved participants, productive networking. And of course, there were a lot of companies interested in the MD Audit system that understand the importance and usefulness of using IT-technologies in business. If you're not familiar with our system yet, now is the time. Read about the features here.

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