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MD Audit in Alfa-Bank

Alfa-Bank is Russia's largest private banking institution. It is known for its excellent IT solutions, in particular, the mobile application, which is in the top 10 according to Markswebbb and in the top 5 according to USABILITYLAB. However, the bank's interest in high technologies is not limited to customer service and extends to internal work. Alfa-Bank has been working with MD Audit for more than a year in a number of such areas. We talked to Ivan Novikov, the head of the direction of Alfa-Bank JSC, to learn about the experience of the system implementation.

From the very beginning it was a non-standard cooperation. The fact is that MD Audit uses cloud storage technology, which is not acceptable for security reasons. For this reason, Alfa-Bank was provided with a special version of the system, which works exclusively in the internal corporate network. But the very use of MD Audit is different from the usual one. 

Compliance with standards

Everybody knows how strictly banks treat compliance with standards and rules. If you fill in the document incorrectly that's the problem - it has to be redrawn, you need to call the client and this is time and customer experience. The work of the bank's employees is also strictly organized. They have certain algorithms of action for each specific work operation, and this is not a whim of the management. A lot depends on compliance with standards when working with clients, drawing up documents, using software products: minimization of errors, reduction of risks, improvement of customer service quality.

Control over the work of employees

One of the cases of such use of MD Audit is to control compliance of employees' actions both in terms of cash transactions and customer service. First of all, it is very important to identify the client, check his documents, correctly perform the operation and do not forget about the service.

An experienced employee does it automatically, but there are moments, at first glance insignificant, which can later cause serious consequences. For example, the authority of the general director of the client company or the term of the power of attorney on the basis of which he acts. Thanks to MD Audit's control of standards, employees do not forget a single detail and perform the audits with the utmost accuracy. 

Monitoring of deadlines compliance

Everyone remembers the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Alfa-Bank was the official sponsor of this grand sporting event. This status allowed the bank to place its promotional materials with the World Championship symbols, but it was possible only within a certain time frame.

It was very convenient to keep track of the deadlines with the help of MD Audit. Thus, it was excluded that the terms of using FIFA symbols in the marketing materials of the bank were exceeded.

Early result

One of the first results of using the system was the launch of new standards of service for legal entities. When the pilot was launched, 5 cities and 21 employees were selected. Over a month, the pilot's participants learned new standards for creating the best client service, combining theory with practice that was monitored through MD Audit.

In just one month of regular monitoring, the personal indicators of the employees, who participated in the pilot, increased, including a 20% increase in the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), a 22% increase in the quality of Voice Of Customer (VOC), a 16.6% improvement in the quality of the customer's card filling in the CRM system, 152 positive responses and no complaints received over the past three weeks, which allowed us to promptly scale up and implement new standards and achieve the set results.

Searching for new applications

Originally designed for operational auditing, the system is much more flexible and wider. The checklist methodology, the basis of MD Audit, provides opportunities for its use in a variety of areas.

Ability to assess competencies

For example, Alfa-Bank plans to use the system to assess the level of competence of its employees. That is, not their actions, but their skills. Thus, for example, the competence of active sales specialists is assessed.

A way to control contractors

Alfa-Bank has an extensive network of ATMs — over 3,700 units. Naturally, they all need to be serviced: clean, update software, repair and so on. For most tasks, the bank has its own service, but some work is outsourced. In particular, cleaning.

Obviously, contractors need to be monitored and MD Audit solves this task completely, because it captures the geolocation of the performer during the job and allows to establish control using photos of the work performed. 

Cannot stop

The success of MD Audit has been so inspiring that Alfa-Bank is constantly gaining new ideas on where else it can be used. According to Ivan Novikov, the most ambitious idea to work with MD Audit is its integration into the bank IT-system to more comprehensively assess the work of the employees.

As you can see, the checklists methodology is so wide that it literally knows no limits. Flexibility and functionality of MD Audit allows it to be used in virtually any organization.


The MD Audit team would like to thank Ivan Novikov for his help in preparing this article. 

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