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MD Audit is our partner, and it is a pleasure to cooperate

We work to make sure our clients are satisfied, but how do you know if you don't ask them in person? We continue the series of interviews with our clients. Today we talked to Ali Aliyev, the Quality Control Manager of the Eldorado Retail Sales Directorate, M. Video Eldorado Group.

MD Audit: Ali, good afternoon! The first question, so we can stop worrying: Are you satisfied with MD Audit?

Ali Aliyev: In general, yes, MD Audit is our partner, and it is a pleasure to cooperate. You are always focused on high results and constantly improving, although, of course, sometimes we do not have enough speed of change. Maybe we're just more dynamic.

MDA: How long has Eldorado been using the system? 

АА: Eldorado started using the MD Audit operational audit system in late 2017.

MDA: Tell us what preceded the decision to implement MD Audit, what prompted it? After all, there should have been a need for a regular operational audit first. How did it come about?

АА: It is no secret that not all retail processes can be audited remotely, without taking into account the expert opinion of the auditor. For many years Eldorado has built a unified system of end-to-end assessment of business processes in the retail store. One checklist for the entire management team: store manager, regional manager, division manager. It all started with a checklist as a file in Excel, today it is MD Audit.

MDA: In our experience, some companies still use spreadsheets and paper forms. What makes you think this process needs to be automated?

АА: Spreadsheets and paper forms are not the best solutions for an extensive network. The automation of the evaluation process has increased the speed of processing and response to items requiring attention. In a highly competitive environment, the implementation rate and control quality of the solution is of great importance.

MDA: We are very curious to know why you chose us? What was the critical factor in the decision?

АА: When we started collaborating with MD Audit, your portfolio wasn't yet so extensive. We conducted the pilot, and we were very much bribed by the fact that you offered us a unique solution, fully adapted to our requirements.

MDA: Usually, MD Audit is implemented in the Retail Department first and they stop right there. And how widely is the system used in Eldorado? Do all departments use it or only some? 

АА: Yes, the retail department is the primary MD Audit user, but not the only. The application is actively used, for example, in the Merchandising Department and the Contact Center.

MDA: Perhaps the main question that interests everyone: can you tell us in numbers about the results achieved to date? 

АА: Regular analysis of assessment results by managers at all levels using MD Audit could not fail to yield results. To date, in 80% of the chain stores, we have achieved a checklist score of 85%. Taking into account that the binary evaluation system is used and the number of points in the checklist is 78, broken down into 15 blocks (compliance with the regulations on merchandising, work with shares, training of employees, etc.) — this is a result for which we are not ashamed, but there are still many challenges ahead.

MDA: Are you planning to expand the scope of MD Audit? If so, how exactly?

АА: We cannot be satisfied with what we have achieved. The nearest plans are to integrate the MD Audit system with HR tools, change the systematic training of employees through rapid training, and, of course, the integration of new information markers on the retail checklist. 

MDA: One last question: what would you like to improve in our system? 

АА: Our experience has shown that MD Audit is a reliable partner that is ready to provide a quality solution to the problem. Sometimes we are not satisfied with the time frame for implementation of our plans, but we understand that quality requires more time. I would like to see the MD Audit development team grow and expand, and we guarantee the tasks and initiatives for service development from our side.

MDA: We'll do our best to make it happen. Thank you for the interview! 

АА: And thank you for MD Audit. 

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