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Meet the MD Audit 2.21. Part 1

Release 2.21 introduces four new features that optimize resources and help increase manager efficiency. Let's get things straight.

Notify performers about pending tasks forgotten

We have already written about the large number of tasks, that some of them are inevitably forgotten. Our brain is so arranged that we can't keep too much information in our memory and that's why people have invented plans to refresh the list of actual tasks in our memory. And what to do if the task list is made, and the performer for some reasons forgets about it?

Employees will no longer forget their responsibilities because the new release of MD Audit introduces the feature of notifying performers of unfinished tasks. It works as follows: 

  • the task author, task supervisor, or system administrator opens the task list for monitoring;

  • selects unfinished user tasks;

  • selects a performer or a group of performers and sends them a notification that a task needs to be performed.

You can notify the performer(s) by email or push notifications. Read more in the knowledge base.

Redefine tasks from inactive users

Company is a living organism in which objects and employees rotate constantly. Therefore, all data in the system must be kept up to date and not lost. Periodically, you have to add new users to the system and deactivate those who left the company. Often, when an employee leaves the company, all his unfinished tasks, which is called "pending", remain uncontrollable for a long period of time, resulting in certain risks in the company. 

The new system function "Task reassignment from inactive users" will help you to save all the tasks of the departing employee, to delegate them to a new executor immediately when the user is deactivated and to prevent possible negative consequences. 

How it works: 

  • the administrator deactivates the user;

  • the system automatically starts checking incomplete user tasks:

    • if they're not there, the user is just deactivated;

    • if there are any, a window appears with the number of open tasks and options for the user: "close" or "reassign". 

When reassigning, the administrator can select a new performer and specific tasks that need to be reassigned.

Read more about the mechanism in the knowledge base.

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