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Meet the MD Audit 2.21. Part 2

In this article we will talk about two more innovations available in the new system release. 

Keep track of only the right tasks

In large companies, the process of delegated tasks from the manager to the performer or group of performers is almost continuous. It is sometimes very difficult for one manager to monitor the fact and quality of the task flow. We figured out a way to help the manager. 

When working with tasks in MD Audit, the user can play three roles:

  • author;
  • performer;
  • observer.

The first creates a task, the second one performs, and the third one observes the progress of its performance. An observer is an assistant who is selected by the manager (task author) to monitor the task. Previously, when assigning group tasks, each observer has seen all the tasks of all performers. 

Now we have upgraded the system in order to optimize the working time of the observers, limiting them from the pool of unnecessary tasks, focusing their attention only on the tasks of those who are in their area of responsibility, according to the organizational structure of the company. 


You create a group task for store X1 in region X and for store Y1 in region Y. Observers have been appointed: regional manager of RD_X and regional manager of RD_Y. 

In previous MD Audit releases, both of these employees have seen all of the tasks of all the performers in this group task, although RD_X has nothing to do with region Y as well as RD_Y has nothing to do with region X. 

In the new release, the visibility of tasks is determined based on the company's hierarchy. That is, in the example above, RD_X will see only tasks from region X, and RD_Y will see only tasks from region Y. 

Detailed description of the rules of work with tasks and user roles can be found in the knowledge base

Schedule audits on the store managers in the "checks calendar" menu

Previously, we have talked about the possibility of automatic audit generation for store managers. Generation rules are created and managed only by the system administrator. However, sometimes the manager is urgently required to appoint a manager of a particular store an unscheduled self-audit. This can be done in the menu "Audit calendar" in the web-version of the manager. Just go to the calendar, select the performer, checklist template and the desired date. After confirmation, a mark of the scheduled audit will appear in the manager's calendar, and the audit will be fixed in the "Scheduled" menu by the store manager.

Previously, users whose levels are higher than the Store level could plan audits only on a top-down basis (manager to subordinate employee) within one business direction to which they both belong. Self-audit planning was not available to store directors, but we solved this problem as well.

Read more in the knowledge base.

Work effectively with MD Audit!

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