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Overview of the restaurant market in Moscow

When you walk around the city, it seems that you see only familiar brands. This is not the case — out of 13,000 public catering establishments registered in Moscow (as of January 2019), only 2,332 are owned by major players in the restaurant business.

The number of chain restaurants increased by 6% in 2018 compared to 2017. 2017 also showed a slight increase in the number of restaurants compared to 2016 — an increase of only 2%. Opening dynamics doubled (58 restaurants opened in 2017 and 129 in 2018).

Most of the restaurants are located in the Central Administrative District: in Tverskoy, Presnensky, Basmanny and Arbat areas.

The number of seats also shows insignificant changes due to the low opening dynamics in 2018: in 2018, the average number of seats in the restaurant chain was 563, which is only 3% higher than in 2017.

Based on the above data, it can be stated that the restaurant chain market did not undergo significant changes in 2018.



Fig. 1. Dynamics of chain restaurants from 2016 to 2018


Fig. 2. Chain restaurants location map in Moscow, 2018

Fast food is the most popular public catering format. 60% of restaurants in 2018 belonged to fast food chains. Their popularity is easy to explain — conveniently located, fast in service with affordable pricing.

The top three also included coffee houses (30% market share) and pizzerias (6% market share).


Fig. 3. Market share of different formats of chain restaurants in 2018


Top 10 restaurant chains by number of outlets in 2018

The top ten leaders of the capital's restaurant chain market include coffee houses, fast food restaurants — fast food outlets, as well as pizzerias and Japanese restaurants.

For the third year in a row, Shokoladnitsa coffee chain, which has found an optimal niche in its segment, takes first place in the Top 10 restaurant chains. Success in work is accompanied by observance of the European standards, constantly updated assortment and the name known since Soviet time. Traditionally, Shokoladnitsa coffee houses are located in historical places of the city, popular shopping and business centers. The maximum number of outlets is concentrated in CAD in such areas as Tverskaya, Presnensky, Basmanny and Khamovniki.

The share of restaurant chains from Top 10 is 45% of the total number of all Moscow major restaurant chains and holdings.


Table 1. Top 10 restaurant chains by number of outlets in 2018. *



 Fig. 4. Shokoladnitsa network outlets in Moscow in 2018


The interactive map on the Geomatrix website presents data on the location of the number of restaurants in Moscow. There are a total of 13,326 restaurants in Moscow and the Moscow region. In the “Network” section you can choose to display only chain restaurants or only non-chain restaurants. The Holding section provides information on the largest chain restaurants in Moscow. On the map itself, you can see information about a specific area by hovering over it. By selecting a specific point on the map, you can get information about a particular restaurant.

In Top 10 restaurant chains by number of outlets 5 positions belong to fast food chains.

McDonald's, KFS and Burger King are world-renowned brands with a strong reputation, which also affects the number of points of presence and the positive dynamics of fast food chains. Kroshka-Kartoshka and Teremok are a little behind their western competitors.

Burger King showed the highest growth rate in the Top 10. Over the year, the network increased its presence in Moscow by 46%. The Burger King network almost doubled its presence in two years (starting in 2016). In 2016, the network consisted of 69 restaurants, and as of January 2019, the number increased to 134.

Dominos pizza also shows high growth rates in the Top 10. Over the past two years, the network has managed to increase its presence twofold. In 2016, the network consisted of 33 pizzerias, and as of January 2019, the number increased to 67. In 2019, Dominos Pizza plans to expand into new regions, as well as to "consolidate" its presence in Moscow and the Moscow region, said Franchising Director, Irina Toporkova (source: Buybrand Inform).

From my point of view, the statistics is quite in line with the general market trends. Major network players dominate, taking over an increasingly larger market segment. The fact of maximum growth of the Burger King network in 2018 is interesting. Undoubtedly, this is a targeted development of the company, but I believe that a significant role in this was played by modern IT-technologies, put in the service of retail network management. For example, everyone knows about the success of the Dodo Pizza network, which has largely determined the existence of its own information system and a staff of developers. I am sure that sooner or later all market participants will come to the need to use IT-solutions”, — comments Mobile Dimension expert Andrey Podgornov.

Top 10 restaurant chains by number of seats in 2018

McDonald's is the leader in seating capacity. It is ranked 1st for the third year in a row. 

In addition to the leaders of the previous table in this Top are also Chaikhona No. 1, Mu-Mu, Tanuki and Il Patio.


Table 2. Top 10 restaurant chains by number of seats in 2018


Over the past 2 years, the restaurant food market has not changed significantly. There is an insignificant market growth.

The market leaders in terms of the number of outlets in 2018 were fast food chains — mostly western, with a global reputation. The absolute leader in the number of outlets is Shokoladnitsa, the coffee houses chain.

Read the following posts to find out which chain restaurants have become the leaders in terms of the number of openings, which establishments have closed the most outlets and which Moscow districts have undergone these changes.

*All data on chain restaurants correspond to the data of the Moscow City Government's Open Data portal, except for the data on the Teremok chain of restaurants. The latter is provided by Teremok Restaurant Network.

Source: https://geomatrix-retail.com/рынок-сетевых-ресторанов-москвы-2018/?lang=ru

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