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Seeing once is better

One of the most effective tools for checking compliance with corporate standards is checklists. Many companies use them successfully, but working with traditional paper checklists can be difficult for a number of reasons: there may be problems with the wording of the checklist questions and the evaluation criteria, or it takes too long to check all the aspects you need, and time is always short. However, both of these drawbacks can be easily addressed with just one tool from the MD Audit arsenal.

What takes the auditor's time?

Of course, the time of passing the checklist depends on the number of questions, but there is another factor — the clarity of the question. Sometimes it takes a lot of text to describe a standard in detail. For example, to define what the cashier's workplace should look like, you will need to specify many different requirements. 

Obviously, the auditor will need time to read and assimilate all the information on this issue. From the first time it will not be possible to do it, so, the auditor will again and again return to the description and spend precious minutes. Now imagine that there's gonna be 10 or 15 of these tricky questions.

A well-known proverb that seeing once is better describes the solution to the problem in the best possible way. It is enough to show the standard once to the auditor to reduce the time to understand a large and complex description. To do this, MD Audit has the option of attaching a photo to the question as an explanation.

Thus, the employee will only need to carefully examine the image to conclude whether the cashier's workplace meets the standard or not. At the same time, the inspector may not only answer the checklist questions, but also simply attach a photo of the object being checked as a confirmation. This tool for quick and effective problem-solving fits perfectly into smart and time management systems.

Nobody's safe from a mistake

If an employee performed his work incorrectly, for example, did not put the workplace in order, it does not mean that he did it deliberately. Maybe he simply doesn't know the standards well enough. In this case, the reference photo will not only reduce the time to study the standard, but also help the employee to immediately perform his work efficiently.

An auditor is not safe from the same mistake. The ability to use it for photo checks gives you two advantages at once:

  • allows you to perform a more accurate check;
  • does not allow the employee to give an untrue answer, because he needs to confirm his assessment with a photo.

The photo report allows management to respond quickly to detected problems. For example, a store manager, having received a photo of a mess in the sales area, can immediately set a task for a responsible employee to correct it, he will immediately receive it and proceed to correct it. Moreover, thanks to the attached reference photo, the employee will know exactly what he needs to fix and how it should be.

Faster, safer, more accurate

Summing up, we can say that the photo report eliminates 3 shortcomings of audits inherent in the classic paper checklists:

  • reduces the time spent on audits;
  • makes the audits more accurate and reliable;
  • contributes to the rapid elimination of detected deficiencies.

It's also worth noting that in MD Audit all photos are stored in a convenient structured form, distributed in the appropriate folders. Thus, you can always find the information you need, which reduces the time to analyze the results.

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