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Staff motivation management with MD Audit

Hearing the word “motivation” many people immediately imagine a system of fines and bonuses for staff or salary, the amount of which depends directly on the volume or quality of the work performed. MD Audit system is usually perceived in the same way, but its ability for managing staff motivation is much wider.

Control isn't about punishing

Remember how you perceived any test work at school or university. Most likely, it was an unpleasant feeling, because it was rated, and each low score was perceived as a punishment. Since then, many of us have a strong association: control = punishment.

For this reason, MD Audit is often perceived as a tool to control employees, which is only needed for error detection and subsequent penalties. There is no doubt that our system can also be used in this way. However, with this approach, it is unlikely that employees will be motivated to do a better job, rather they will be demotivated.

Staff motivation management with MD Audit 

The main thing is to abandon the view that control is equal to punishment. In fact, the purpose of the audit is not to fine employees for mistakes in their work, trying to manage their motivation in this way, but to find potential points of growth for the whole company. An effective way to find them is to conduct regular operational audits, or in simple terms, checks. Thus, the process of controlling the work of employees from a common system of punishment turns into a way to improve the work of the entire company.

Here are a few possible ways to manage staff motivation with MD Audit.

Motivate the staff with assessments

MD Audit allows you to objectively assess the quality of staff work. The most obvious way to motivate your employees is to make the bonus amount dependent on the scores obtained during the audit with MD Audit system. However, there are some specific aspects. It is not uncommon for an employee to be offered a bonus for 100% compliance with corporate standards, in addition to his basic salary.

This is wrong. Corporate quality standards are a mandatory work condition, if an employee does not comply with them, then he does not work well enough. It is not right to pay extra for the fact that a person meets the basic requirements of the company. A logical system of personnel motivation is based on the principle that the amount of bonus is proportionally reduced depending on the degree of compliance with the established standards. It will be more correct to charge additional bonuses for the work performed above the norm.

Encourage productive initiative

One of the problems of large companies is that it is very easy to get lost among large numbers of employees, even if you work better than others. Obviously, if you don't notice an employee who took the initiative, it will play against his positive motivation. Even if he doesn't work badly, you won't see any more efforts from him.

MD Audit will help you not only to set up employee monitoring to detect errors, but also to identify those who work better than others. Having built a report on the whole chain stores for a certain period of time (six months, a year), you will see the managers receiving consistently high marks and you will be able to reward them.

You can also use the task setting function to manage staff motivation. For example, all the managers of the chain stores are tasked with presenting the option of placing a new collection in the women's area. One of the managers also presented options for men's and children's areas. In this case, you immediately see the employee's initiative and if the proposed option is successful, you can send it in real time to other managers as a sample.

In this way, you motivate the initiative manager to continue to work actively and quickly implement good ideas across the network.

Create a high potentials pool

It is well known that the best executives grow inside a company because they know its work from the inside. It's not easy to identify such employees. Those who rush into leadership positions are not always good candidates as they would like to be, so evaluating their work must be performed based on their actual performance.

Using MD Audit, you can create an objective high potentials database. We recommend double-checking when the same checklist is audited by the store manager and then by the regional manager. If these assessments differ slightly over a period of time, this indicates a high quality of work of the store manager, which means that he can be included in the high potentials database.

This method of verification can also be used to motivate staff. If store managers know that they have a chance to get a promotion for high marks, they will be motivated to work more effectively. But regular low scores can also lead to dismissal.

By the way, the staff member's performance information will be useful to the human resources department. If the manager's grades vary greatly from check to check, it is time to train him or find a replacement, so that a new employee can be quickly put into service if necessary.

Motivate staff to learn

Working with MD Audit means deep knowledge of corporate quality standards. Only by understanding how to do their job, employees will be able to answer checklists' questions correctly. Consequently, staff will be motivated to keep their knowledge up to date. This applies to all the people involved in the audit process:

  • auditee will learn to get good grades;
  • auditors will learn not to be in a situation where they know less than the audited.

Use gamification as a motivation

A lot has already been said about the gamification method, so we won't describe it in detail. The essence is that it is possible to increase the motivation of the staff by introducing the game process into the work. The main problem in organizing such contests is always the objectivity of evaluation. You can provide it with MD Audit.

For example, the company holds a marketing campaign. Create a separate checklist that comprehensively assesses its performance and regularly evaluate the participating points of sale throughout the campaign. It is important to allow staff to see the intermediate results in real time (MD Audit has this capability). This will enhance the competitiveness and play a positive role in staff motivation.

Combine employee control with motivation management

Of course, the main thing in this process is to set the right goals and explain to employees why they need control over their work. It will be more difficult to do that without adequate technical support. If you use MD Audit, which includes the server part and the mobile application, to control your employees, it will be much easier to motivate them to work. 

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