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Using MD Audit system in the lingerie market

RozTeh is considered to be the leading Russian manufacturer of lingerie, swimwear, home and beachwear[1]. The holding includes the retail chains Wild Orchid, Bustier and Defile, each of which has its own audience. Wild Orchid offers exquisite sets of the world's leading brands, Bustier serves the middle segment, and Defile sells affordable lingerie of its own production.

According to Tatyana Lvova, President of RozTeh, 2018 was a difficult year for all representatives of the Russian fashion market, as the purchasing power of the population decreased[2]. Women began to spend less on underwear. "At the same time, it is interesting that consumers remained in their segments, rather than redirected to cheaper products. Maybe they started buying less in pieces, but in their usual shops," said Lvova.

In such circumstances, it was particularly important for network representatives to be as competent as possible, in full compliance with corporate standards. The use of mobile audit system of geographically distributed objects MD Audit helped the company in this matter.

Cooperation with RozTeh began in May 2018. Implementation of IT solutions on three platforms: "Wild Orchid, Bustier and Defile took only a month, and electronic checklists were developed for each network. Wild Orchid and Bustier employees used two:

  • "administrative" checklist, which was used to check documentation, product management, technical condition of the store, store appearance and merchandising standards. 

  • "service standards" checklist, which made it possible to analyze the standards of work of the staff and customer service.

Three checklists were used for Defile, the network with the largest line of basic underwear, which showed the best sales results in 2018: "administrative", "service standards" and "zoning" (checking the placement of commercial equipment in accordance with corporate rules).

All checklists were filled in by the auditors directly during the audit using mobile devices: a tablet or a smartphone. This task was performed by the store managers. Service standards audits were carried out daily, administrative checklist audits once a month, zoning audits were carried out as needed. 

Regional managers also selectively checked their facilities, comparing the data obtained with the results of the audit conducted by the local management. The heads of retail platforms of RozTeh LLC performed a monitoring function. They were engaged in analysis and interaction with regional and local managers, in case if critical issues or potential risks in the organization of business processes were revealed, local management tasks were corrected.

 "The results of MD Audit differed from platform to platform, but the quality of internal processes was observed everywhere. In particular, in the Bustier lingerie network we were able to carefully study the implementation of administrative standards. This allowed to raise the results of the checks from the initial 80 points, which was considered an average, up to 95 points", — said Olga Moskaleva, head of "Bustier", "Wild Orchid", "RozTeh" LLC retail platforms.

1. According to the retail.ru information.

2. Interview of Tatiana Lvova for Maketmedia.ru.

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