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We integrate with your systems

It is very easy to implement MD Audit: access, log in through the web interface and you're ready to go. Auditor is enough to install free application on the smartphone. However, sometimes there are situations when audits require interaction with other IT systems already operating in the company. We have done this kind of work before as part of individual development, but soon this opportunity will be available to all.

How did we come up with this

To be honest, we did not come up with it, but one of our clients, who needed to integrate MD Audit with the barcode scanning system. Thus, the company wanted to establish control over the price tags placed in the sales area. The fact is that if the prices in the database have already changed and the new price tags in the sales area haven't been changed, this leads to conflict situations at the checkout. It is not easy to track such errors manually, especially if there are thousands of items.

Our client decided to control the relevance of price tags using MD Audit. For this purpose, we created a separate checklist to verify the compliance of information on labels in the sales area and values from the database that stores information about products, prices, etc. To perform this work manually is inconvenient and time-consuming. Then it was decided to automate the process of data exchange between the barcode scanning system and MD Audit.


Work of the auditor to check the relevance of the price tags placed on the sales area now looks like this:

  1. Auditor opens in the MD Audit mobile app a checklist question, for example "Dairy products tags are correct."

  2. Automatically switches to the barcode scanning application.

  3. Auditor scans the barcode of the selected product, such as a milk package. He gets its full name and price from the database.

  4. Application asks the auditor to enter the value indicated on the price tag and determines whether they match or not. Comparison result is transmitted to the MD Audit application.

  5. Then it goes back to the MD Audit application. If the values from the database and the price tag match, the answer to the question will be positive. If there are differences, the following actions will be performed:

    • the current question will be answered No;

    • the question will be added a comment with the product name, which was found the wrong price tag;

    • when the audit is complete, a task is automatically created to correct the nonconformance found.

pic1.png pic2.png pic3.png

Feel the possibilities

Solving the problem of interaction between MD Audit and barcode scanning system we went a little different way than always. Usually, such improvements, as already mentioned, were carried out individually under the requirements of the client's system. However, this time we have developed a Public API for our system — a software interface, using which you can create tasks in MD Audit from third-party applications. 

Thanks to this, any of our clients will be able to integrate their proprietary solutions with our system. We will announce the final release of this feature later. If you do not want to do such things on your own, we are always ready to help you to integrate your corporate systems and MD Audit. 

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