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What do users think of your company?

It is possible to manage a company effectively by understanding how all business processes are conducted and how well corporate standards are observed. MD Audit successfully solves this problem by providing information about the "inside" company's operations. However, sometimes it is desirable to have an external evaluation — from customers.

There are a number of ways to get it, such as conducting a telephone survey or collecting feedback from the Internet. However, this is a labor-intensive job that does not always produce objective results — not every analyst can correctly group the data obtained and highlight the common information. Revuze can.


It is a powerful analytical system that interprets text-based feedback arrays into multidimensional brand and SKU analytics. The main thing is that you don't need a team of specialists to work with it. Revuze decomposes information into separate semantic elements, grouping them by meaning and tonality. For example, the system gets the following review "I wanted to buy sneakers branded XXX, but there is no fractional size. Size 40 is tight, but the 41 is too loose. Revuze will classify this review as a category of "shoes — sneakers — brand XXX", define the problem — "size" and mark its tonality as negative. Therefore, the company-manufacturer of these sneakers will receive information that, perhaps, it is necessary to reconsider the size range. 

The analysis is made with the use of artificial intelligence technology that allows not only to be guided by the key words "good" or "bad", but also to reveal the response tone at a deeper level. The system is self-training, it is constantly improving, reaching a the "understanding" feedback accuracy over 90%. 

Revuze allows you to group the feedback data into different parameters:

  • feedback tone (positive, negative);

  • rating (the number of "stars" if the review implies a rating).

In the system it is possible to analyze the brand as a whole by a large number of parameters (from 40 to 80). You will get all detail levels from the overall picture to the specific characteristics of each product. You will be able to compare your brand with your competitors by any of the available parameters, keep track of trends and find unobvious competitive advantages of your products.

Revuze has many advantages over manual review techniques. 

Manual techniques


The final volume of data obtained in one survey is processed

Data is constantly updated — the system regularly scans the Internet for new reviews

The content of the study is limited to the list of questions in the questionnaire, so there is no way to learn anything new

The study includes absolutely everything that consumers say on their own initiative, as a result, you can get 8-10 times more insight than manual methods

Different sources of data require different types of specialists to analyze the data

One system analyzes data from any source: CRM bases, call centers, social networks, feedback sites, polls, chat rooms, etc.

In order to get the data in the section for each department of the company we have to wait, since all of them are served by one group of experts

All data is available at any time to any interested employee

Low accuracy of feedback analysis — about 60%

High accuracy of feedback analysis — more than 90%

Everything you wanted to know about your product is in a visual infographics!

To connect to the Revuze service, please contact your MD Audit sales team at info@mobiledimension.ru.

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