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Mobile application for store audit

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Check the product presentation according to merchandising rules, check the relevance of prices for new collections and sales, evaluate mannequins and showcases for compliance with the seasonal trends. Use MD Audit to make your store a window into the world of haute couture.

Monitor the activities of store managers, obtain online data on their work quality and performance, and make instant management decisions.

Think through store clusters, optimize product matrices, optimize supply chains, track sales ratings of collections, develop a strategy for effective merchandising and create a brand image.

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What do users think of your company?
26.11.2019 What do users think of your company?

You can get an internal assessment of your company's performance by performing regular audits using MD Audit service. For completeness you'll need an external evaluation — the way consumers see the company. Soon you'll be able to get both.

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System update: Event Feed
12.11.2019 System update: Event Feed

MD Audit update: A new tool for express control of stores in the retail network — the Event Feed. Key data is now available in real time. 

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How to simplify planning and monitoring of auditors' business trips
29.10.2019 How to simplify planning and monitoring of auditors' business trips

Distributed sales network audit implies business trips of employees, which means that this procedure is associated with the complexity of planning and control. Using MD Audit, you can make this work easier.

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New features of MD Audit: Surveys
15.10.2019 New features of MD Audit: Surveys

There are three types of tasks in our system: set by the results of inspections, general and photo tasks. However, soon there will be another one — Surveys. Read this article to know what is it and why do you need it. 

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