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Fashion retail: operational audit as an independent business process

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The webinar will be conducted by Irina Ivanova, ex Head of Retail Business Technology Management at Modis. She will talk about how using operational audit to determine the degree of relevance, the effectiveness of existing business processes and achieving the desired result. From this webinar, you will learn:

Speaker Irina Ivanova

Language Russian

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Some companies use automation systems for operational audit only for “self-testing” of junior staff. Others are for top-down inspections, when the activities of each store are assessed according to certain parameters by regional leaders. Others, such as the Modis retail chain, used the “pilot” to use the MD Audit electronic checklist system, including to assess the quality of performance of their duties by employees of central office departments, and to observe contractual relations between contracting organizations and Modis.

The MDA platform helped, in the first place, to identify system “problem points” both in the chain's stores and within the services of the central office. The information received was conveyed to the management, relying not only on words, but also on numbers. Since the initial comprehensive assessment of all internal processes and retailer standards (9 months ago), their efficiency indicators have increased by 2.2% - from 84.2% to 86.4%.

Participation is free. Pre-registration is required.

Limited number of seats. A link to the virtual room will come to you along with registration confirmation by email.

Webinar duration: 60 minutes

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