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How to manage a retail chain and keep everything under control

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This webinar covers how to build the management of trading networks and get financial benefits with regular operational audit. This will be presented by Boris Agatov, CEO of Project Line, and expert on the application of innovations in retail; and Andrei Podgornov, Commercial Director of Mobile Dimension, founder of the MD Audit project.

Speaker Andrey Podgornov

Speaker Boris Agatov

Language Russian

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At the webinar you will learn:
.At the end, the speakers will answer all your questions and make an announcement of the future training on working with the MD Audit system.


Boris Agatov.
Andrey Podgornov.

Modern global trends in the field of management in most cases are associated with IT-automation of routine processes. This is not surprising, because in this way, you can redirect employees' time to solving other pressing problems and more thoroughly working out existing business processes. Many people understand this and begin to create groups of employees in messengers, create tables with reports and so on, but all these methods are ineffective. There is a solution to automate one of the most important moments of control and development of retail chains - operational audit.

All this with a detailed explanation and real cases you will learn on the webinar.

Participation is free. Pre-registration is required.
Limited number of seats. A link to the virtual room will come to you along with registration confirmation by email.
Webinar duration: 60 minutes + questions