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System setting webinar

Every day we get a lot of questions about the initial setup of the MD Audit system. We collect these questions and answer them in our introductory webinar, "MD Audit: where to start"

Speaker Andrey Podgornov

Language Russian

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During the webinar, we will demonstrate the MD Audit solution, and talk about how it applies to the strategic and tactical development of a retail network.

After gaining access for a test period, many users of the system will have questions. We provide this webinar to introduce you to the terminology of the system, to provide an overview summary about the automation of operational processes and we’ll use the live system to show you how to start the setup, and utilize the MD Audit system.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. What is the automation of operational audit.
  2. What does MD Audit looks like from the inside?
  3. What happens after receiving a test access.
  4. How to set up the system, and how to create a checklist and a task.
  5. How to work with analytics and collect data.
  6. An overview of how the system function.
In practice, during the webinar, we analyze potential challenges and address any questions that may arise.

Anyone who wants to take part in the live setup of MD Audit at the same time as the speaker, we ask you to register in advance and create a test system: https://mdaudit.ru/register/